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Synchronistic Localized Reality Control Field Theory

The interesting theory of Synchronicity by Carl Jung, suggests that an acausal way of connecting events meaningfully. While appearing to be random, chance events, they are in fact related through psychic meaning.

A possible functional cause for this “acausal” relationship, would be due to Wave Function Collapse, or alternatively, shifting between Parallel Worlds. In a Consciousness Causes Collapse paradigm, such instances as ESP with card guessing can be explained as a person willing the function to collapse according to their desired guess.

What this means practically, is that we have an explanation for the function of everything from magic to prayer to positive thinking.

Fundamental to this is that the process does not interfere with causality. You cannot wish for the impossible. Rather, you are selecting from the possible worlds the one that you desire to move into, or the way you want the function to collapse. This can appear like predicting the future, but is actually directing the future.

Note however that if one mind can do it, all minds can, and the complex interplay between opposing wills is a substantial conflict.

The effect therefore is rather weak for the most part, and muted by the presence of others.

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Page last modified on July 23, 2014, at 03:34 PM