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Statement Of Faith

I am a Christian Agnostic. As an Agnostic, I admit my ignorance of the truth, and therefore that any beliefs that I have with regards to the existence of a God, or the truth of Christianity, are all undertaken as a Leap of Faith. As a Christian, I want for there to be a God, because such a being is desirable from the perspective of achieving the Greatest Good. I therefore subscribe to certain beliefs knowing full well that I can never to certain they are true, but nevertheless choosing to believe.

I believe in reality.

I believe that I can trust my senses, and that I can trust that reality is rational and understandable. Otherwise, there would be no point or meaning to anything.

I believe in cause and effect, that actions have an impact on reality proportional to the act.

I believe that something caused this reality, this universe in which I am.

I believe that the cause was something intelligent, capable of creative thought, thereby making reality reasonable, capable of being understood.

I believe that I exist as something separate and connected to reality, although, because of the limits of my existence, my understanding of reality is limited by my senses, and the limited amount of knowledge I can gather with them. Thus, my understanding of reality is incomplete and subjective.

I believe that other intelligent entities exist that share this phenomenon, and that it is possible to communicate in an imperfect manner with this entities.

I believe that these entities, these other human beings, have free will, and are equally capable of good and evil.

I believe that good and evil are based on the subjective perspectives of intelligent entities. People see what is good and evil according to what they desire and what they feel.

I believe that our limited knowledge, our understanding of the circumstances and situations that exist, limit our comprehension of good and evil, and colour it to reflect the tint of our ideologies, our beliefs and perspectives.

I believe that ultimately, only one who is able to know every circumstance, every cause of every situation, desire, and action, can truthfully and objectively decide what is good and what is evil. By definition, the only such being able to reflect on this objectively is the intelligent being that caused reality to exist.

I believe in God. God being that entity of intelligence which caused everything to be, and in so doing, did the most benevolent thing possible.

I believe that God made the universe to be rational and abide by certain Laws, and in such a way that we could understand it, by discerning the patterns and apparent rules that the universe seems to follow most, if not all of the time. The study of these patterns and rules, these Laws, is known as science.

I believe that God thought to not only create intelligent beings, but to communicate with them, and that this communication is imperfect, due to the incompleteness of human understanding, which is itself due to the limits of reality.

I believe that these communications brought about the human concepts of spirituality and unorganized religion.

I believe that God allowed representatives of humanity to choose between freedom in an imperfect universe, or slavery in a perfect universe, and that humans chose freedom.

I believe that this freedom allows us the creativity and will to exert control over things without direct intervention over our will by God. The cost of this is that, as God cannot directly control our decisions and actions, but only everything else, the universe cannot be perfect, and therefore, things such as suffering and evil must exist, so long as humans continue to allow it.

I believe that God set out to communicate to humanity, laws of conduct, that if followed could minimize such suffering and evil, but that humans, in their selfish desires and failure to consider the sufferings of others, spurned these morals and chose to act in ways that are ultimately self-destructive.

I believe that death is the inevitable consequence of human imperfection, a means by which to prevent the overly powerful from living forever and dominating the weak. This limits both good and evil.

I believe that the penalty of imperfection is eternal death, the separation of consciousness from physical reality and also from God, and therefore from all knowledge, wisdom and desired existence. This is the ultimate Hell.

I believe that God manifested in human form, that He could experience, in the existence of the man named Jesus, all of human existence, and represent us, in order to sacrifice Himself, such that the consequences of our actions could be paid for, without us being forced to endure eternal death, but instead, could be granted eternal life.

I believe that eternal life is the eternal existence of the consciousness, connected to God, and therefore, to all knowledge and to all the universe, and all its existence. This is the ultimate Heaven.

I believe that organized religions are the work of human beings, having taken the Laws that God recommended us to follow so that we could live in harmony, working together, minimizing the consequences of our imperfection, and having corrupted and misused these foundations, turning them from their original intent, to become the instruments of oppression and state control by the elite and ruling society, or to excuse the greed of the power-hungry, or to fool the people into obedience or insanity.

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