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Non-Interference Code

Given that:

Knowledge is Power

Power comes with Responsibility


Knowledge comes with Responsibility

Knowing that there is a moral injustice taking place, and it is within one’s power to act to prevent it; one has a moral imperative to act. However, it is important to stress than one is limited in the time and energy one has with which to act. One must be certain of the effectiveness of an action before undertaking it.

Given that:

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know


It can be irresponsible to act in a situation of high uncertainty. One could easily upset the well meaning plans of others by interfering in their work.


One should always try to know as much as possible about a situation within the bounds of a time-limited opportunity to act, before acting. And if it is not possible to be confident in the effective consequences of an action, then it is usually wiser to not interfere and risk being responsible for negative consequences.

One only has so much time and energy to apply to tasks, and these should not be wasted.

If it is sufficiently important a problem that you must do something about it, then you should position yourself to be able to take action with confidence.

A high risk gambit should be reserved for those situations where it is too important to do nothing, and the window of opportunity too short to improve one’s awareness.

In short:

Do not interfere in that which you do not yet understand.

By corollary:

Before doing, learn as much as possible.

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Page last modified on July 23, 2014, at 03:23 PM