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Why Cognitive Science

Sometimes I have doubts about this crazy field that I’ve decided to devote my life’s work to. What is Cognitive Science? What possessed me to think that it would be a good idea to switch out of a perfectly good Software Design program to pursue this wild idea?

So what is Cognitive Science exactly? Well, basically it’s a multidisciplinary effort to apply science to the mind, with applications in everything from brain surgery to artificial intelligence. More than just neuroscience or psychology, this is an effort to reverse engineer and model thinking itself.

In many ways it is an introspective exercise, to the extent that it’s somewhat like trying to understand understanding. It gets to the core question of what we, as minds inside the biomechanical structure known as the human body, what we really are. So in a way it is the perfect science for someone deeply introspective.

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Page last modified on February 04, 2018, at 08:19 PM