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Crossroads Of Life

An Analysis of Options and Potential

All people who wish to do more than just live their lives on the whims of the uncontrollable ebb and flow of reality must plan to find meaning and purpose. The direction a life takes is ultimately in the hands of those who take control of what opportunities they have and make something of them. To that end, this document will attempt to figure out where I should go with this life that has been given me.

To begin, what can I see myself taking pride in being? The following are my primary dream jobs/fields:

1. Advanced Research Scientist

2. Technological Inventor

3. Political Philosopher

4. Lead Game Designer

5. Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel Author

6. Film Director

7. Elected Political Leader

8. Military Commander

9. Spy Agency Field Agent

Given these interests, it seems apparent that they can be grouped into three categories. Scientist, Inventor, and Philosopher are both Idea Discovery Innovators. Game Designer, Author, and Director are Creative Storytellers. Politician, soldier/commander, and spy are Mission of Society Servants. These three represent the different roles I feel I would like to fill in society.

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